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MercuryMac speaking up. My first truck was a '69 Ford, so somewhat newer but fairly similar too. Kenny is probably right on the lever beside the steering column. It is the air valve for applying the brakes only on the trailer, [if you use the foot brakes you get both the tractor and the trailer brakes working together.] The next handle to the right is quite likely the auxiliary transmission shifter, [maybe with the right knob or the wrong knob]. Look under the floor at the base of this gearshift and see if there are two rods side by side going back to that second transmission, or is there only one? If there are two you will have an 'h' or an 'H' shift pattern, [a three speed or a four speed auxiliary]. You might have an inline three speed, though, [forward centre, and back]. The next stick is as you described it, a 5 speed main. My guess on that right hand stick is it is a drum emergency brake on the back of the second trans.
Good luck with that truck.
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